Transform Your Toolbox with these 12 Incredible Drill Attachments


Are you looking to get more out of your cordless or corded power drill? With the right drill attachments, you can turn it into a whole toolbox of options to help you tackle an extensive range of household projects. There are a variety of attachments that come in all shapes and sizes, providing even the novice handyperson the ability to complete a range of tasks.

The most common and popular attachment is the bit extender or chuck. This is both an extension and an elbow that allows you to use your drill as a screwdriver even around a corner. Put simply, it attaches directly to the drill and facilitates the use of various bits to accommodate various tasks. This enables it to access tight spots, difficult corners or longer screws with ease.

Metal shears are difficult to operate manually, but with the help of an electric drill, you can convert them into a power shear. This attachment effectively initiates the cutting action of sheet metal in both straight and curved lines. The drill attachment is efficient, easy to use, and essential when it comes to creating the precise cuts you need.

Goodbye wooden stick, hello electric paint mixer. If you’re looking to mix your paint quickly and easily, grab this inexpensive attachment. It easily attaches to the drill and a paddle is inserted into your paint can, where just a press of a button is all that’s needed to get stirring.

Transform Your Toolbox with these 12 Incredible Drill Attachments

For those loose screws that may require you to use your drill as a screwdriver, the screw assist attachment is extremely helpful. It frees up a hand for other tasks, like balancing on a ladder during a job, and supports the screw with the screwdriver at the end.

Working with hooks? With the Hook Installer, it’s a breeze! This attachment is great for screwing eye-hooks into the ceiling or pieces of wood. It simply attaches to the drill and acts as a cradle for the head of the hook, holding it firm as it is driven into place.

You can also use a drill attachment to crimp tubing quickly and with ease. This is especially useful if you’re working on a plumbing project that requires a combination of both flex tubing and copper tubing.

Transform Your Toolbox with these 12 Incredible Drill Attachments

Drywall can be a bit of a headache. But with the right drill attachment, you can forget about measuring, marking, and drilling. The Quadsaw attachment eliminates this hassle by simply cutting a square with the help of an electric drill.

It’s also possible to speed up the manual process of buffing with this additional attachment. Effective and easy to use, it works in the same way as a manual or power buffer, with one difference – it’s an attachment rather than an entire machine.

Have you heard of the multi-functional Reciprocating Drill Attachment? This converts your drill into a reciprocating saw, giving you much greater visibility of the work piece and adding reach for greater accuracy. You can also easily insert different blades to suit any material.

Transform Your Toolbox with these 12 Incredible Drill Attachments

The Bolt Thread Repair Attachment will be a godsend to anyone who struggles with stripped bolts. This attachment works in a variety of diameters and shapes and helps restore the beauty and function of damaged bolts.

Last, but not least, is the Universal Socket. This is like a pin art toy; it’s designed to grip any size nut and give you the tension you need to turn it. This will save time, effort, and a whole lot of swearing.

With the right drill attachments, your power drill can become an incredibly versatile tool for all kinds of home repair jobs. From basic drill bit extensions to specialized tasks you didn’t know existed, the attachments listed here ensure you’ll always have the right tool for the job. Don’t waste your time or money on bulky, hard to store, or seldom used tools – with a few drill attachments, you’ll have all the handyman power you need.

  • January 14, 2020