Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas


No matter the size of your kitchen, it’s the heart of your home. Meals are made, conversations are had, and people gather here. If you find yourself feeling cramped in your small kitchen, there are plenty of creative and affordable ways to give it a remodel so that you can enjoy it even more.

When it comes to making a small kitchen feel larger, a coat of light paint or white paint on the cabinets is a tried and true strategy. It will open up the space and make it seem brighter, and if you pair that with white countertops, you can enjoy the contrast of the darker cabinets without taking away too much of the airy feeling. If darker cabinets are what you prefer, accessorize with white cabinet pulls to break up the darkness.

If you’re feeling really daring, you can remove a wall altogether or just a portion of it to create an open concept. This requires a few more steps, like installing a beam if the wall is load-bearing, but you’ll feel the difference in the room’s openness instantly. If wall demolition is out of the question, you can try cutting out part of the wall, which still makes a big impact.

Transform Your Small Kitchen with These Fresh and Creative Remodel Ideas

For smaller remodel ideas, you don’t have to go farther than the kitchen cabinets. Choosing to remove the cabinet doors or replace them with shelves is a great way to save valuable space. If you have children or pets, you can keep the doors on the lower cabinets and remove them from the upper cabinets for easy access yet still provide a level of protection from curiosity. Alternatively, you can always opt for windowed doors instead.

Transform Your Small Kitchen with These Fresh and Creative Remodel Ideas

To give your kitchen an expansive yet cozy feeling, go for pastel paint when you redecorate. Strip away tiles and wainscoting as these can make a small room look even smaller, and stick to soft colors for the walls. If it still feels a bit too plain, white tile on a backsplash helps to tie the look together.

When it comes to the kitchen lighting, forget about large hanging lights as they can make the walls feel closer. Instead, try recessed lighting, which fits into the ceiling, so no extra space is taken away. If recessed isn’t in the budget, choose fixtures which sit flush against the ceiling, or opt for sconces against the wall.

Transform Your Small Kitchen with These Fresh and Creative Remodel Ideas

Finally, stainless steel appliances do more than just look fancy. The reflective nature of stainless steel expands the room visually and keeps it bright. Even if stainless steel appliances are outside of your budget, you can always look into stainless steel paint which can give the same effect.

With a few creative ideas, your small kitchen can feel brand new. Incorporate recessed shelves, pocket doors, and lazy Susans for extra storage, and don’t be afraid to try out a few upcycling projects to squeeze out a little extra style. Share your projects with us—you never know who may be inspired by your work!

  • June 14, 2021