Transform Your Fiberglass Boat with an Easy 3-Step Polishing Guide


Polishing a fiberglass boat may seem intimidating, but it is simpler than it appears with the right tools and techniques. To attain the shimmery sheen that the boat first had, you’ll want to clean, polish and protect your fiberglass vessel in the following steps.

First, clean the boat with a detergent-water solution. Fill a bucket with water and a quarter-cup of detergent. Mix the solution to create a lather, remembering to add more detergent or mix if hard water won’t foam up. Once the solution is lathering properly, clean off the existing dirt using a cloth. Note that this process can take some time, so remain patient.

Once the boat has been sufficiently washed and dried, you can begin the polishing. Make sure your hands are dry before proceeding and that the fiberglass is in the right position. Use a piece of cloth to examine the surface and take off any dry dust that may be present. Now you can begin polishing with a fiberglass polish. Use circular motions of one foot in diameter until you’ve achieved the desired results.

For added protection, you can wax the polished surface. Be aware, however, as waxing takes a fair amount of material and is only a temporary protection. It may be costlier than you’d like if you intend to wax the entire boat.

Transform Your Fiberglass Boat with an Easy 3-Step Polishing Guide

Finally, be sure to take the boat out of the water before you start the project. The close proximity to the water vapor can inhibit the potential shine of the boat. As such, if you are unable to take the boat out of the water in its entirety, it may be wise to restrict polishing to only certain parts.

With these steps, you can turn your boat from dull to brilliant in no time. Cleaning and polishing your boat on a regular basis can further extend its life, making it a worthwhile investment that pays off. Enjoy the reflections of the glassy shine the boat will have on the sea and take your next sail in style.
Doing a thorough job of polishing a fiberglass boat can appear as a difficult or overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right preparation, supplies and technique, you will have your boat shining in no time!

Transform Your Fiberglass Boat with an Easy 3-Step Polishing Guide

To start, you will need to thoroughly clean the fiberglass boat. You can do this by filling a quarter of a bucket with detergent powder and adding enough water to create a thick lather. The best way to do this is to manually stir the bucket until the desired amount of foam is created. Hard water may make this process more difficult, as it won’t lather easily. Be sure to use a clean cloth to wipe off the existing dirt on the fiberglass body and be prepared to be patient! Removing dirt on the fiberglass body can take some time and be tedious.

Once the boat is cleaned and dried, it’s time to begin the polishing process. Before you apply the polish, you will want to make sure your hands are dry. Examining the clean cloth to ensure there is no dust present is also important to ensure your swipes of polish are even and don’t become clumped. Your cloth of choice can be a small size t-shirt or other material with similar handling advantages.

Transform Your Fiberglass Boat with an Easy 3-Step Polishing Guide

When you’re ready to begin, you’ll want to keep going in circular motions of 1-foot diameters until the desired results are achieved. This can make your boat look like new and even more glossy! Applying wax on the polished surface of the boat will help this shine last longer, but this is a temporary solution and may make the project more costly, if large amounts of wax are required.

Finally, when it’s time to polish, it’s best to remove the boat from the water. Storing it will ensure that when the polish is applied, the boat’s proximity to the water vapor will not compromise the desired level of shine and polished look.

Polishing a fiberglass boat is a simple process that can bring back its original shine, if done correctly with the right supplies and technique. By cleaning the fiberglass body, removing residual water, and ensuring the polishing swipes are even and dust-free, you can get a glossy and smooth finish. Remember to store the boat away from the water before the polishing process for the best results. With patience and dedication, the right tools, and a little elbow grease, you’ll have a beautifully polished fiberglass boat in no time!

  • January 4, 2020