8 Bathroom Storage Shelf Ideas


A bathroom storage shelf is an essential addition to any bathroom. It not only allows you to store items such as hairbrushes, shampoo, soap, and towels, but also helps to add some extra flair and style to the space. With the many different types, designs and sizes of bathroom storage shelves available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one for your space. To help you out we’ve rounded up eight of the best bathroom storage shelf ideas.

One of the first strategies to consider is a wall-mounted shelf. This type of storage shelf is designed to fit right onto your bathroom wall and can accommodate most items. You are able to select whether you want an open or closed shelving unit to meet your exact needs. Additionally, this type of shelf is great for saving space in small bathrooms and creating a stylish look.

If you like the idea of a wall-mounted shelf but want something that is more convenient for your shower, an in-shower shelf may be for you. This type of shelf is perfect for small bathrooms as it is tucked away and can easily store all of your bathing necessities. As long as you plan out the installation of the shelf, you won’t need to worry about any protrusions or inconvenience.

 to Maximize Space and Keep Things Organized

Another type of shelf options are corner shelves. These types of shelves are perfect to store items in a more organized way, while still making the most of limited space. Corner shelves can be wall mounted or free-standing, depending on the style you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for something a bit more flexible, a free-standing shelf is a great option. Freestanding shelves come in many sizes and shapes, making them perfect to fit any area of your bathroom. This type of shelf also allows you to add your own design flair and to move it around from space-to-space, if needed.

 to Maximize Space and Keep Things Organized

Over-toilet shelves are another great way to help maximize bathroom space. These shelves are great for storing items that are used often, such as toilet paper and cleaning products. They can either be wall-mounted or freestanding, depending on your own preference.

For larger families, a storage shelf with a towel rack can provide much needed storage and help keep towels off of the floor. Adding a towel rack to a storage shelf will also open up a new area in your bathroom to display cute décor items or roll up your towels.

 to Maximize Space and Keep Things Organized

A 3-tier shelf is a great way to keep your items even more organized. This shelf allows you to separate different items into their own tier, making it easier to find items quickly. You can hang the shelf on the wall or keep it standing up in a corner, depending on how you need the shelf to look in your bathroom.

Finally, adding a shelf with hooks is an easy way to hang your items. You can hang scrub brushes, washcloths, and any other available bathroom accessories from the shelf. This can help keep your items off of the counter and maintain a neat, clean look in your bathroom.

Finding the right storage shelf for your bathroom can bring a much needed sense of organization to the space while still adding a little of your own personal style. With all the many different storage shelf options available, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your needs.

  • August 24, 2021