Long Lasting Torch Oil for the Outdoors


If you are looking for the best way to light your outdoor space, torch oil is the way to go. Whether you are looking for a lasting flame or a fireproof flame that repels insects, torch oil is the perfect solution for any outdoor living space. Economical, safe, and long-lasting, torch oil can be a great fuel option for outdoor torches.

Paraffin oil (kerosene) is one of the most common fuels used as torch oil. It is inexpensive and helps produce a clean, long-burning flame that can reach up to 10 hours. It has no odor and won’t produce any smoke or soot. All you need to do is fill the oil reservoir inside the torch and adjust the wick. Paraffin oil can also be combined with citronella oil, not only increasing its burning time but also helping to naturally repel insects.

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: The Ultimate Guide To Camping Lanterns

Citronella oil is extracted from lemon grass and is great in dispersing a pleasant smell while helping to reduce the presence of mosquitoes and other flying insects in the area. It is 100% liquid paraffin based, which means it produces a smoke-free flame. Its burning time can also last for up to 10 hours.

: The Ultimate Guide To Camping Lanterns

Natural gas or propane can also be used as a torch oil, but it’s important to remember to fill the tank and keep it free from carbon deposits and blockages to keep it in good condition. Iso paraffin is another flame option, but it burns fast and is not easy to obtain in the United States. It has an alternate use for making meth, and for this reason, it’s not recommended as a flame option indoors.

To ensure a long-lasting and safe flame, it’s important to use the right fluid as torch oil. Paraffin oil, combined with citronella oil, is the most recommended option. It is economical, safe, and can provide a flame up to 10 hours. To reduce the presence of flying insects, citronella oil provides a pleasant aroma while burning and it’s smoke and soot free. Natural gas or propane can be used as well, but since it doesn’t provide the same impact, it’s best to stick with oil or combine the two. Iso paraffin is also an option, but it comes with great responsibility of handling and use as it has an alternate use for making meth and isn’t recommended for indoors. With the right precautions and use of the correct oil, you can enjoy a safe and long lasting flame from your outdoor torch for many years to come.

  • November 30, 2020