Building Tiki Bar Stools


Building a Tiki bar stool is the perfect way to bring a polynesian vibe to your home bar or backyard. And since you’re in control of the design, you can customize your stool to fit your exact preference.

Start by deciding on the shape and size of the stool – will it be circular? Square? Hexagonal? Your stool should have 4-6 legs with a seat that is about 12-13 inches in diameter and legs about 30 inches in height.

Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing Tiki Bar Stools that Last

You may need to contact a local retailer to find bamboo wood, a classic material choice for the Tiki bar stool. Bamboo provides a tropical feel while also enduring harsh weather conditions, enabling you to use your stool indoors and outdoors.

Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing Tiki Bar Stools that Last

To build the legs, start by cutting them to the desired size and shape. Then, use a table saw to carve a tenon into each leg at an angle. This will allow the legs to be installed at a slight angle, adding stability to the stool.

Step-by-Step Guide to Constructing Tiki Bar Stools that Last

Once the legs are complete, work on the seat. Mark where the mortises should be and use a mortising chisel to cut them out. Test the fit and if necessary, trim the legs to size. Glue the legs into their respective mortises, sand down the outside of the legs, and you have your seat ready to go!

Next, measure the distance between the legs for the stretchers. Cut them accordingly and glue them between the legs. If desired, add a finishing touch with colorful fabrics as seat covers and palm fronds sprayed or glued to the sides.

Voila! You can now enjoy your DIY Tiki bar stool, plus the satisfaction that comes from knowing you created it with your own two hands.

  • March 15, 2021