Coating Materials to Stop Rust Buildup


Rust buildup on surfaces inside and outside of a residence can come from a variety of sources including moisture, oxidation, and even damage from certain insects and pests. Rust prevention is key to lengthening the life and usability of the materials found in a residence. Therefore, there is much to be said for coating materials used to help stop rust buildup in any living space.

One of the most effective coating materials developed to help stop the onset of rust buildup is NO-OX-ID rust preventative. This highly effective grand barrier coating is used to protect steel surfaces found in water filtration plants, sewage plants, interiors of water tanks and systems for water distribution, and power plants. What also makes NO-OX-ID so special is that it’s NSF approved, with minimal surface-preparation being necessary for use.

Protect Your Metal Structures with Anti-Rust Coatings: Stop Rust Build-Up Now

Protect Your Metal Structures with Anti-Rust Coatings: Stop Rust Build-Up Now

As a heavy-duty rust preventative, this extraordinary coating material is comprised of a blend of waxes, wetting agents, along with corrosion inhibitors that deeply penetrate the pores of the metal and act to stop corrosion or rust from developing or progressing. Furthermore, because the coating does not impart any taste or odor into drinking water, it is even approved for use as an anti-condensation barrier in water tanks.

Protect Your Metal Structures with Anti-Rust Coatings: Stop Rust Build-Up Now

The many uses for NO-OX-ID rust prevention are inspiring as it can be applied for any number of rust control purposes, including steel cables, bridges, cofferdams, ash conveyors, bar screens, bearings, bolts, flanges, gears, hydrant gaskets, paddles, pipes, pulleys, pumps, radial gates, screens, standpipes, storage tanks, tank roofs, strainers, submersible pumps, valves, tank bottoms, and batteries of all kinds. Whether used as a lubricant or a corrosion inhibitor compound, many industries have turned to NO-OX-ID as the go-to rust preventive and have been enjoying its protective features since 1921.

Its features are everything one would want in a rust preventive coating: it blocks corrosion, maintains flexibility and lubricates, it’s self-healing, non-cracking and anti-seizing, and performs admirably against water absorption and chemical action. Furthermore, its protection extends to the marine industry for use in stopping the biological attack of zebra mussels, sea urchins, algae, and fungus from forming on metal surfaces.

For those looking for an easy and affordable rust prevention solution, NO-OX-ID rust preventative is the ideal choice. It can be found at home depots and can be applied with brushes, rollers, hot airless spray equipment, or simply with a cloth. Besides, who wouldn’t want to invest in a product with a 100-year legacy of rust prevention protection?

  • March 23, 2021