Light Up Your Home with These 13 Eye-Catching LED Tape Hacks


One of the greatest advantages of LED adhesive tape is its customizability, as it can be cut to virtually any length needed. From 4 feet to 3 inches, LED adhesive tape is capable of doing it all. Although it is called LED adhesive tape, it is also referred to as strip lights and ribbon lights.

Here are some hacks for utilizing LED adhesive tape to get the most out of your home:

1. Line the mirror frame of a vanity mirror with LED adhesive tape. It’s a simple process and can easily be done with velcro tape or a sticky glue. Even if the mirror is round, LED tape is so flexible that it can easily be molded to fit any shape.

2. Place LED adhesive strips on the headboard of a bed in order to create mood lighting. With dimmable LED strips, you can easily control the level of brightness in the room. Plus, LED strips come in a variety of colors to choose from.

3. Illuminate a picture of your choosing with LED adhesive strips. Whether it’s a painting or photograph, you can use LED tape to make it stand out in any room.

Light Up Your Home with These 13 Eye-Catching LED Tape Hacks

4. Light up any dark corners in the kitchen with LED tape. It can also be used as a nightlight if needed, as some LED adhesive tapes are dimmable. This can also be done for any toe kicks around the coun

5. Install LED adhesive strips behind crown molding to create a subtle light in any room.

6. Decorate any bar or man cave with LED strips. They can be used around the edges to light them up, or behind hanging alcohol bottles to show off the selection.

7. Place strips of light on the steps and risers leading to the basement and even along the bottom of the railing. This adds extra safety to navigating the stairs and also adds a nice look.

Light Up Your Home with These 13 Eye-Catching LED Tape Hacks

8. Illuminate the pool table with LED adhesive strips. Add a soft light to the area for better visibility of the pool table top.

9. Create a path lighting with LED adhesive tape on the walkway towards your garden, driveway, and even outdoor porches and decks. Some LED strips are powered by batteries or solar energy, making it easy to set them up outdoors with no strings connected.

10. Install LED strips into your canopy or tent on camping trips for extra light that can last all night.

11. Put LED strips on the fenders of kids’ bicycles for extra visibility as they ride at dusk.

12. Put LED adhesive strips under the edge of your pergola and watch it come to life. Many types of LED tape are suitable for outdoor use, just make sure to check the product packaging before use.

Light Up Your Home with These 13 Eye-Catching LED Tape Hacks

13. Add flair to any parties or gatherings by lining the walls with LED adhesive strips. Add a glowing, colorful ambiance and have your guests in awe.

All these hacks and more can be done with the help of LED adhesive tape. It’s relatively affordable, energy efficient, and easy to install. Choose from a selection of colors, add brightness, and make your home a more inviting and enjoyable environment. With these hacks and LED adhesive tape, you can easily breathe new life into your home.

  • October 16, 2020