Learn How to Easily Create a Perfectly Level Screen Door Opening Every Time


Installing a screen door properly is an essential part of keeping your home secure. When the door is not level, it can lead to minor accidents and weak security. Luckily, a screened door that is not properly installed can be easily leveled. Follow these steps to ensure your screen door is level no matter what size.

To begin, measure both sides of the door, including the top and bottom parts. This will help you determine if the door needs to be replaced. If not, unscrew the hinges of the door and lay it flat on the floor. Use your plumb to find the center of the door frame – this is usually where the door’s hinge will rest. Place shims in the door frame and use the plumb again to make sure the frame is level. Measure the height of the frame’s two hinges with your level. Mark the spot where the hinges are on the door.

Next, place the door alongside the frame and once again check for level using the plumb and door level. Use screws to secure the door properly to the door’s brick mold. Adjust the drip cap so that the end result is consistent across the door’s top. Make sure the cap is secure and fasten it permanently.

Learn How to Easily Create a Perfectly Level Screen Door Opening Every Time

Finally, it is important to check and inspect the door regularly to prevent any unintended incidents or security threats. With proper care, your door should remain level. When necessary, use shims to reposition the door.

Installing and leveling a screened door doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Following these steps will help you make sure your door is level, secure and provides you with the safety and peace of mind you deserve.
Having a level screen door is an essential part of any home. It ensures the door closes properly and securely, as well as providing safety and security. It can be a daunting task to level a screen door but it can be done with a few simple steps.

Learn How to Easily Create a Perfectly Level Screen Door Opening Every Time

First, you will need to make sure the door is the correct size. Measure both sides of the door including the top and bottom parts. If measurements are not proportional to each other, you will need to replace the door with one that is the correct size.

Next, you will need to unscrew the hinges from the door sides. Carefully lay the door on the floor and find the frame’s center using a plumb. Once the center is marked, you’ll need to fit the shims to the frame and place the plumb back in the center once more. Make sure the frame is straight by using the level. Measure the height of the two hinges while the door is still on the ground and mark the spot where they are located.

Learn How to Easily Create a Perfectly Level Screen Door Opening Every Time

Now it’s time to hang the door. Take the screen door and place it alongside the hinge frame. Align the opening using the plumb and the door level. Secure the door onto the brick mold with appropriate screws. Make sure that once the screws are in, they are not tightened too tight as this could damage the door.

Once the door is securely fastened, you need to adjust the drip cap, which will help the door to be level. Measure the drip cap size so it is consistent with the top of the door and secure it in place with the appropriate screws. Once this step is completed, the door should be level.

Making sure your screen door is level is a relatively simple task and can be completed easily with the right tools and knowledge. It is important to level the door to ensure it is secure and will not cause any accidents or threats to your home’s security. While it is important to take the correct measurements before you attempt to re-install the door, it is a process that can be completed easily by following the steps outlined above.

  • September 24, 2021