How to Easily Replace Your Vehicle’s Spark Plugs with Durable Copper Plugs


Installing copper spark plugs is an important part of keeping your car running in top condition. When your car begins to run rough, fails multiple times, or overheats easily, it may be time to replace the spark plugs with new ones. To ensure correct installation and firing order, it’s important to take your time working on the plugs one at a time. Following the steps below will ensure you replace your spark plugs correctly.

Before starting, be sure to read over the manufacturer’s manual for safety instructions, and to find out the exact location of the spark plugs. It’s advisable to also work in a garage or a closed area where wind is not blowing, as to avoid any contaminants getting into the engine.

You can start by loosening the boot over the spark plug by turning it with a clockwise motion 90-180 degrees. It’s important to hold on to the base of the boot when you pull it off. Next, you’ll use the spark plug socket to turn counterclockwise and remove the plug. If the plug is out of reach, it may be helpful to add extensions and swivel joints to the top of the ratchet.

How to Easily Replace Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs with Durable Copper Plugs

Once the old plug is removed, you can wipe away any dirt on the surface with a lint-free cloth and then clean the plug area with pressurized air to blow away any dirt or debris. You should ensure to move the dirt away from the cylinder to avoid contaminating the engine.

How to Easily Replace Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs with Durable Copper Plugs

You can then thread the new plug clockwise by hand, ensuring to not use the ratchet and socket as it’s possible it could damage the threads. If the plug is out of reach, you can try using a short hose or an old wire boot to attach it from a distance. Once the plug is in place, turn the plug at least two complete turns before you begin to tighten it with a socket.

It’s important to use a torque wrench or reference chart for socket tightening recommendations (which can be found online in automotive websites) following the torque specifications provided by the manufacturer when tightening the spark plug.

How to Easily Replace Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs with Durable Copper Plugs

Before inserting the boot back, ensure it’s not covered in oil, and that the engine does not have any leaking issues that may need to be fixed. If the plug is cracked or corroded, make sure to replace it before proceeding to the next copper spark plug. Once the boot covers the plug, twist it back on in a clockwise direction until they are both securely engaged.

When replacing spark plugs, always take your time and be sure to follow the directions carefully. By following these steps you can ensure your spark plugs are installed correctly and will keep your car in optimal conditions.

  • February 16, 2022