Don’t Panic! Clear up Flashing Reversed Polarity Error Codes – Here’s How to Do It


The first step to fixing reversed polarity flashing code messages is by checking the connections. This can be done by turning the device off, unplugging it and disconnecting the wires to the switch. By looking at the wires, one can tell whether the polarity is reversed. If the polarity is not reversed, the issue may be related to water contamination or other contaminants.

If the polarity is reversed, the device should be tested for presence of power, even when the switch is off. This is usually done using an AC voltmeter, which measures the voltage between the two hot wires. If the voltage is not equal to the voltage between the hot and neutral wires, the polarity is reversed. Here are some steps that can be taken to fix a reversed polarity problem

1. Check for water contamination and any other contaminants present in the device.

Don't Panic! Clear up Flashing Reversed Polarity Error Codes - Here's How to Do It

2. Check the polarity of the wires at the furnace. If a voltmeter reveals that the hot wire is not in the same direction as the polarity indicator, then the cable is reversed and should be reconnected according to the polarity indicator.

3. Check the wiring connected to the flame sensor. Flame rectification systems convert AC voltage into DC signals. If the polarity of the wiring connected to the flame sensor is reversed, there will be an error code. Reconnect the wires based on the polarity indicator.

4. Use a line voltage monitor to detect any instances of reversed polarity. The line voltage monitor should be able to alert you to any changes in the voltage with a message.

Don't Panic! Clear up Flashing Reversed Polarity Error Codes - Here's How to Do It

Once the cause of the reversed polarity error message has been identified and rectified, it is time to move on to dealing with the damage caused. By doing this, one can ensure that their furnace, device or wiring is safely running again and they will no longer be at risk of any further electric shocks.

Water contamination is one of the most difficult problems to address when it comes to reverse polarity. If the device has been contaminated, the wiring, connectors and other components must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. It is also important to make sure the device is stored in a dry, dust-free and properly ventilated area from then on.

Don't Panic! Clear up Flashing Reversed Polarity Error Codes - Here's How to Do It

When dealing with contaminants, protective equipment should be worn, such as gloves and a face mask. If the contamination is severe, it is best to contact a professional as this may involve a lot of complicated and potentially dangerous work.

In conclusion, reversing polarity error codes can be highly dangerous, as the wires can become energized even when the switch is off. This can present a major shock hazard.

When confronted with a reversed polarity error code, the first step should always be to identify the cause and act accordingly. Causes can range from water contamination or reversed wiring. Once the cause has been identified, the next step is to rectify the repair, followed by steps to ensure it does not happen again. Finally, any damage that is present must be addressed. All in all, safety needs to be the top priority when dealing with electrical components and a professional should always be consulted if any doubts are present.

  • September 27, 2022