DIY Your Way to a Custom Concrete Countertop: Learn How to Create the Perfect Mix!


Making your own concrete countertop mix can seem like a daunting task, but with the right technique and supplies, you can easily and effectively create your own personalized countertop. Before beginning your project, it’s important to properly plan out your countertop by measuring the room and deciding on an appropriate location. Choosing a color for the countertop is also important — black is the ideal color, as it complements other colors and appliances.

Now that the planning process is complete, it’s time to begin mixing the concrete mix. Using a 1-2-3 recipe, combine 1 part cement with 2 parts pea gravel and 3 parts sand to determine the ideal proportion of ingredients. Additionally, add 6 percent pigment in proportion to the total amount of cement used, ensuring that the color is uniform throughout the mix.

Using a concrete mixer, begin the process by pouring some water into the bowl before adding the dry ingredients. Add the cement, sand, and gravel, one after the other in small portions and make sure to evenly distribute the ingredients. Continue in this manner until all the ingredients have been added, and keep adding water until the consistency is slightly gooey and the mixture sticks to your spoon or spatula. Additionally, cease the mixer occasionally to check the texture of the mixture and ensure that the ingredients are combined properly.

After the mixture is finished, pour it into the frame and use a spatula to even out the surface so that the countertop fits the measurements you took earlier. It’s recommended to wear gloves throughout the process, as cement can dry quickly and should be handled with care.

DIY Your Way to a Custom Concrete Countertop: Learn How to Create the Perfect Mix!

Once the concrete mix is finished, be sure to allocate time for it to cure. The countertop should take 4 days to cure inside the frame and an additional 3-4 days of rest (for a total of up to 8 days) before sealing the surface. To achieve the best results, avoid putting anything on the countertop during this period.

Creating your own concrete countertop mix is an excellent way to give your kitchen a unique, personalized touch. With the right supplies and technique, you can easily mix together the perfect concrete mix for your kitchen countertop and enjoy the results for many years to come.
Making your own concrete countertop mix provides an opportunity personalize the design of your kitchen. A few minor changes or mistakes can lead to a result that is extremely different from the one you had in mind. The process of mixing and pouring the mix entails dedication and attentiveness so that the strength of the concrete is uncompromised. Follow these steps to create your own concrete countertop mix.

First, consider the location of the countertop. Measure the area so you know the exact amount of concrete required, and calculate the thickness the countertop should be. Choose the color – black is a popular choice for kitchens since it goes well with other colors or appliances within the space.

DIY Your Way to a Custom Concrete Countertop: Learn How to Create the Perfect Mix!

Before mixing, decide on the proportion you need. A 1-2-3 ratio of one part cement to two parts pea gravel and three parts sand is recommended. Consider using 6 percent of pigment relative to the total amount of cement.

You need to ensure that you are in an appropriate space to mix the concrete. For the most convenient use, it is best if you place the concrete mixer near a garden hose. First, pour some water into the mixer, then add the cement, sand, and gravel. Make sure to introduce the ingredients slowly, in proportion. Add the pigment after adding all the other ingredients, then stir the concrete until it is semi-solid. Wear protective gloves, since the cement dries quickly. If you poke your finger into the concrete, it should slide in easily, not rapidly and not not at all.

When the concrete is ready, transfer it over to the countertop with a bucket. Pour the mixture into the frame and use a spatula to level the surface. Make sure that the frame fits the measurements determined prior to mixing the concrete.

DIY Your Way to a Custom Concrete Countertop: Learn How to Create the Perfect Mix!

Finally, allow the countertop to cure for seven to eight days before applying sealants. During the curing period, try not to place anything on the countertop, otherwise you may end up with a different result than expected.

Making your own concrete countertop mix is a labor intensive job, but it is possible to do with careful planning, attention and patience. Using a proper ratio and pigment, you can customize your concrete mix, to make a countertop that matches the theme of your kitchen.

  • December 21, 2022