DIY Easy Steps to Follow to Install Beadboard on Your Ceiling


Installing a beadboard ceiling can transform a room, giving it a warm and inviting feel. Properly installing beadboard requires that you have the right tools and techniques, as well as understanding the measurements and measurements of your ceiling. With the right care, you can have the ceiling of your dreams in no time.

First, measure the area of your ceiling and multiply the measurements together to determine how much beadboard you will require. There are numerous sizes and styles of beadboard available, and you should purchase the size and style of your choice, making sure to purchase extra planks in case of errors or need for scraps.

Once you have the beadboard, lay out newspaper in an area where you will be able to stain or paint the wood. Lay out the planks on the newspaper, and paint or stain them to the desired color. Make sure to cover the wood completely and evenly, allowing sufficient time for the paint or stain to dry.

DIY Easy Steps to Follow to Install Beadboard on Your Ceiling

If you don’t have drywall installed in the ceiling, you can easily spot the joists. If it’s covered, use a stud finder to identify them, marking the ceiling with a chalk line. It’s important to know the location of the joists, as nailing the beadboard into the drywall will be ineffective and not secure.

DIY Easy Steps to Follow to Install Beadboard on Your Ceiling

Once the joists have been identified, begin to install the beadboard planks perpendicular to the joists. Start along one wall rather than in the middle of the room. Hammer 4D nails around the edges of the planks and into the joists, being careful not to leave any marks on the plank.

Once the first plank has been secured, slide the grooved end of the next plank under the tongue of the first one. Place a block of wood over the joint and tap the planks tightly together. Drill pilot holes and drive nails through the plank’s face near the edge of the wall. Repeat this process until you reach the other end of the room.

DIY Easy Steps to Follow to Install Beadboard on Your Ceiling

Using a circular saw, cut the last plank to size. Place the grooved edge over the tongue of the previous plank. Add pilot holes and hammer nails through the plank’s face to secure.

When all of the planks have been installed, finish off the look by adding trim molding along the edge of the wall to conceal the seam between the planks and the wall. With these simple steps, you can have the beadboard ceiling of your dreams in no time.

  • May 25, 2021