Creating a Comfortable and Customized Futon Mattress: Step by Step Guide


Making your own futon mattress is an easy and cost-effective way to achieve a unique and comfortable sleeping solution. With the right tools and a bit of patience, anyone can make their own futon mattress and have it ready for use in a surprisingly short time.

To start, you’ll need to decide on the size of your new mattress. Begin by measuring the frame of your futon in order to determine the size of your new mattress cover and the length of foam rubber you’ll need to purchase. Alternatively, you can measure the size of your old mattress, should you still have one. Precision is key here, and be sure to note down your measurements.

The next step is to head over to your nearest craft store or fabric specialty shop in order to purchase a sheet of foam rubber that suits both your measurements and your comfort. Though it’s unlikely that you’ll find a sheet of foam rubber that’s already the correct size for your mattress, most stores offer services to cut the foam down to size (given your measurements). Pay attention to the materials used in the foam rubber; some foams can be flammable or toxic to your health. Once you’ve selected and cut your foam, you’ll need to go purchase a cover for it. Bring your mattress measurements with you to ensure the perfect fit.

Creating a Comfortable and Customized Futon Mattress: Step by Step Guide

As the final step, simply adorn your new futon mattress with sheets, blankets and/or a comforter and you’re all set. You can rest assured knowing that your comfortable, custom-made futon mattress will provide you with many nights of restful sleep and, most importantly, that you did it yourself!
By taking the time to measure your futon’s frame, shopping responsibly for foam and mattress covers, as well as seeing to small but important details such as fire-resistant foam, making your own futon mattress is an affordable and rewarding experience that only requires a bit of dedication and a few basic tools. Below are the steps needed to create your own mattress for a futon.

Step 1: Measurements

Creating a Comfortable and Customized Futon Mattress: Step by Step Guide

The first step in making a futon mattress is to take precise measurements of your futon’s frame. If you still have your old mattress lying around, this step can easily be replaced with measuring that instead. No matter which you choose, make sure to be extra precise with the measurements you take in order to determine the amount of foam you need and the size of the cover that will go over your mattress.

Step 2: Shopping for Foam
Once you have your measurements in hand, the next step is to find a suitable foam rubber sheet. The type of foam you select should be flexible and thick enough to conform to the shape of your futon frame and provide comfortable support. Craft stores, fabric specialty shops, as well as most home improvement warehouses will all carry large sheets of foam rubber, and if you find one that doesn’t fit your exact measurements—no worries. Simply make use of a knife to cut the sheet down to size. Remember to check the foam rubber’s list of materials for potential fire hazards and toxicity before purchasing.

Creating a Comfortable and Customized Futon Mattress: Step by Step Guide

Step 3: Find a Tasteful Cover
Now its time to find a tasteful cover for your brand new mattress. With your measurements in hand, visit any store that sells mattress covers and buy one that conforms to the size of your mattress. If you’re not looking for a new cover, you can always recycle the one from your old mattress.

Step 4: Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep
After applying the cover to your new futon mattress and adorning it with sheets and a comforter, the final step is to enjoy a pleasant night’s sleep on your very own futon mattress. With a bit of dedication, creativity, and the right tools, making a mattress for a futon is well within your grasp.

  • December 23, 2021