Create Homemade Holiday Cheer: Make Elegant Christmas Invitations with Ease


1. Decide on the folding. Folded invitations look more elegant and expensive than single-sheet invitations. Fancy folds such as a single fold, or a triple fold, will amp up the style of your invitation.

2. Choose a primary design. Incorporate festive Christmas elements such as a Christmas tree, wreath, mistletoe, Christmas balls and snowflakes into your design. You can either purchase images online, or pick holiday photographs you have taken yourself to match your invitation’s theme.

3. Layout the design on your computer editing software. Make sure to use the correct paper size as this will affect how your invitation appears. You should also keep your design simple and minimal by using only a few elements. Knitting too many elements will make your invited look cluttered and confusing.

4. Utilize elegant fonts for the text on the invitation. Script fonts like Bickham Script, French Script, Edwardian Script and Papyrus add sophistication to your invitation, and the content should remain formal.

5. Double check your design by carefully inspecting it for spelling or grammar mistakes, checking if the design and images are properly aligned, and making sure the image is clear and sharp. If a mistake occurs, change it before printing.

Create Homemade Holiday Cheer: Make Elegant Christmas Invitations with Ease

6. Cut the individual invitation pieces from the cardstock. Using a paper cutter as opposed to scissors will ensure that the edges of the invitation are cut smoothly.

7. Embellish your invitation with sophisticated embellishments such as lace, ribbons, bows, pressed flowers, and jewels. Be careful not to over do it, as the design will look too busy.

8. Place each invitation into the envelope and write your guests’ addresses on the front with a plain and easy-to-read font to make your invitations look professional.

Making your own Christmas invitations is quick, easy, and can help you save money. As long as you follow the steps above, you will be sure to create an elegant and stylish Christmas invitation that reflects the merriment that comes with the holiday season!Finally, mail the invitation to your intended guests.

Create Homemade Holiday Cheer: Make Elegant Christmas Invitations with Ease

Christmas season is fast approaching and the excitement that comes with it is something that is hard to describe. If you want to make your special event even more festive and memorable, why not make your own elegant Christmas invitations at home? This can be a fun and creative activity that can make your guests even more excited for your party.

Before you start, you must decide on the folding style for your invitation. Will it be a single sheet or single fold, or a more elaborate triple fold? Once you’ve chosen the style, you need to decide on the design. You can check online for free designs such as illustrations of Christmas elements like Christmas tree, wreath, mistletoe, Christmas balls, snowflakes, and so on. You can also purchase pictures or make use of holiday photographs you have taken yourself.

The next step is to use a computer editing software to layout your invitation design. Make sure that you set the correct paper size. You must also keep it simple and minimal by including just a few design elements and layout the card so that it looks balanced and attractive. For the text of the invitation, use classier fonts such as Bickham script, French Script, Edwardian Script, Papyrus, Lucida, Vivaldi, Clarissa, Royal Script, and Sterling Script. The content must be formal and clear.

Now that your design is complete, double check for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, take a look at the design to check if it is aligned properly, and if the images are clear and sharp. Once everything looks perfect, you can now print the invitations on cardstock. Before printing a bulk of them, it would be a good idea to print one sample of the card so you can check if there are still any errors.

Create Homemade Holiday Cheer: Make Elegant Christmas Invitations with Ease

After printing, you can now work to cut the invitations apart. Using a paper cutter will help cut the edges smoothly. To make your invitation look even more elegant and luxurious, add some embellishments to the card such as lace, ribbons, bows, pressed flowers, and jewels, and use clear glue to stick them. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with the decorations.

When the invitations are finished, it is time to address and mail them. Print the name and address of each intended guest on the envelope and use a plain or legible font. Once everything is printed and ready to be sent, it is time to mail the invitation and be sure that the guests receive them in time.

Making elegant Christmas invitations does not have to be hard. With your creativity and the help of some tools, you can surely create something that is festive and classy. All it takes is a bit of time and effort. So, start planning and begin creating your own beautiful Christmas invitations for a truly memorable Christmas party.

  • May 2, 2020