Faux Finishing – Bricking


Faux finishing is a great way to add an element of brick to your home without the expense of using real brick. If you have ever wanted the look of brick without the hassle and expense of replacing your wall or countertop, then faux finishing is the answer.

The supplies needed for faux finishing a wall or countertop are relatively simple and easy to find. You will need paint, sponges, disposable plates, a foam brush, and an artist’s brush. Select the paint you desire for the base wear and then you must decide on the color of the bricks you desire. Many companies now offer special “brick” paints for this project.

, Antiquing & Marbling for Unique and Dramatic Home Decor

, Antiquing & Marbling for Unique and Dramatic Home Decor

The actual brick-finishing process is fairly simple and straightforward. It begins with a proper base paint on the wall or countertop, followed by careful application of the faux brick finish. First, cover the entire surface with a base coat of paint. Once the base coat is dry, begin sponge-bricking the wall. Using damp sponges of various sizes, dab the sponge in the primary acrylic color and press onto the surface. Leave a gap of wall showing between the “bricks” and alternate the sponges beginning each row. To break up the pattern you can add half sponge bricks of various sizes. Allow the wall to dry before adding any additional effects with an artist’s brush.

, Antiquing & Marbling for Unique and Dramatic Home Decor

Once it is dry, your faux finished wall or countertop will look just like a real brick wall for a fraction of the price of real brick. This is a great way to add character, charm and warmth to your home as well as do something incredibly rewarding.

Faux finishing your walls or counters with a brick look is really quite a simple task. The most important thing to remember is to take your time and not to over-saturate the walls with the sponge. If done right, the results can be outstanding and long-lasting.

  • March 12, 2021