Rehab Your Fireplace Mantel


First, you will want to clean the mantel to have a fresh start and work space. Use a gentle, safe for the material cleaning solution and a scrub brush to remove any dirt from nooks and crannies on the mantel. After the soap has been rinsed off, allow it to properly dry.

If it is still not looking nice and new after the cleaning, there is another way to give it a facelift. Try removing the existing mantel completely and replacing it with a new look. This may require you to gently pry apart the grout with a prybar in order to not completely ruin the mantel. Place some plastic or newspaper where the mantel used to be to catch debris. Now you should have a clean, open skeleton to build on.

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Once the skeleton is in place, the next steps to take involve measuring and cutting. 1x6s, 1x8s, or 1x12s made of poplar should be used for the build. The width of the lumber depends on what you would like the end result looking like. For larger items to be displayed on top (like a TV), use something like 1×8 or 1×12 for the top. Cut the boards to the length of the top, front, bottom and sides respectively.

: 6 Easy Makeover Ideas for a Stylish New Look

Once all the pieces are cut and in place, glue everything together and allow to dry. To add a bit more polish to the new mantel, countersink any screws or nails and hide them with wood putty. If the mantel was built on brick or ceramic, make sure to use construction adhesive and drills pre-drill pilot holes. For a wood mantel, use finish nails.

: 6 Easy Makeover Ideas for a Stylish New Look

Finally, when fully reassembled sand down the wood with a sandpaper and finish ita with your favorite wood stain or paint. Don’t forget to use long lasting caulk at the joint between the mantel and the wall to finish it off. Now your fireplace mantel should look completely new, completely changed and completely beautiful.

Refurbishing a fireplace mantel can be a challenge but with the proper knowledge, steps, and dedication it can definitely be done. The great part about taking on a project like this is that you can make it as intricate and elaborate as you’d like. No matter what the end result looks like, you can be sure that it will bring a whole new look to the room. What your guests will see when looking at your newly refurbished mantel is a masterpiece in the making.

  • June 12, 2021