4 Easy Steps to Repairing a Truck’s Odometer Accurately


Truck odometers sometimes require repair, but most of the time, you don’t need to replace the whole unit. Rather than spend money on a new part and labor costs for installation, you can try to repair your odometer yourself. This can be done with some care and precision so that you don’t damage any parts. Additionally, note that it is not possible to illegitimately change the mileage—this is a common misconception about odometer repair. Generally, the main cause of an odometer malfunction is the odometer planetary, which can be easily replaced with a few simple steps.

If you decide to perform a truck odometer repair, here are 4 steps to keep in mind:

4 Easy Steps to Repairing a Truck's Odometer Accurately

1. Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable: Before you start any repairs, you need to make sure no electricity is being supplied to the truck. Disconnect the negative battery cable to make sure the odometer won’t draw any current.

4 Easy Steps to Repairing a Truck's Odometer Accurately

2. Remove the Speedometer: Insert a thin, flat-headed screwdriver between the speedometer and the dashboard. Gently pry out the gauge without disconnecting its wiring. Be sure to keep track of how the wiring harness attaches for when you need to reconnect it later. Then, place the speedometer on a bench or table, facing down. Use a computer screwdriver to remove two tiny screws at the front. Pull the post for the trip odometer to remove the motor casing.

4 Easy Steps to Repairing a Truck's Odometer Accurately

3. Replacing the Gear: Once you have access to the interior of the motor, use a tiny screwdriver to pry out the gear, which should be the cause of the issue. Replace it with a new gear and press it back into place.

4. Reassemble the Speedometer: Reverse the steps from when you took the speedometer apart. Make sure to reconnect the wiring harness in the correct way (where you noted it earlier) and snap it back into the speedometer. Ease the speedometer into the dashboard, reinstall the battery cable, and start the car. Test drive the car for several miles to check that the odometer and speedometer are functioning properly.

When successfully completed, truck odometer repair can save you money on pricey parts and labor costs. As long as you take care when taking the speedometer apart, you should have no problem fixing your odometer with these simple steps.

  • September 1, 2020