15 Simple Solutions to Tackle Pesky Pest Problems in Your City


Nobody wants pests in or near their homes. Pests are unseemly, unsanitary, and at many times can be dangerous to both you and your pets. City and county health departments, animal services and government agencies all have resources available to educate home owners, provide inspections and even treatments for pests in some cases. It’s worth checking with your local city to see if they provide free services to tackle pests.

The Greater Los Angeles Vector Control District specializes in mosquitos, a public health nuisance. Mosquitos needs dirt and debris in order to complete their life cycle, particularly because female mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water. The district has a website designed to help you better understand mosquitos and in some cases, provide treatments to reduce the number of mosquitos in the area.

15 Simple Solutions to Tackle Pesky Pest Problems in Your City

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a wealth of information relating to dealing with bedbugs, including links to state websites like the California Department of Public Health website, which offers even further information including links to local services.

Live in an area with wildlife issues, like coyotes? Don’t attempt to deal with the animals yourself and call animal services for help. If animal services won’t help, talk to your local police or fire station, as they may intervene if the animals are deemed a risk to public safety. You can also reach out to a wildlife rehabilitator or animal sanctuary who have wildlife specialists.

15 Simple Solutions to Tackle Pesky Pest Problems in Your City

Renting an apartment? Check with your landlord as soon as you find bed bugs, as they will have to take care of the pests and may even need to fumigate the surrounding units as well. Homeowners may not be offered financial assistance, but you may want to check with your local jurisdiction to see if they’re able to offer help with the cost associated with getting rid of pests.

15 Simple Solutions to Tackle Pesky Pest Problems in Your City

The New York City Health website is a great resource if you’re a tenant in the area and dealing with insects or rodents. They offer advice on who is responsible for dealing with the problem and the importance of reporting it to the landlord right away. Pesticides should only be used by licensed pest control professionals, as they should not be taken on by residents on their own.

To keep pests from coming back, block the entrance points to your dwelling and make sure pests do not have easy access to food and water. Clean up any food spills, trash, and other debris right away as this will help deter pests from setting up shop in and around your home.

Even if you’re not living in Los Angeles, New York City, or California, many cities offer free resources to help identify, understand, and deal with pest problems. When it comes to dealing with pests, you don’t have to go it alone as there is help out there. Start with your city or local health department and get the information and, if available, treatments you need to be pest-free and keep it that way.

  • October 12, 2022