12 ‘Warmer’ Ideas to Keep You Cozy on Those Chilly Winter Evenings


Winter weather can be brutal and often leave you wishing you had a relatively warmer house. Nonetheless, you don’t have to put strain on your energy bill to keep warm without turning on the heater. With just a few simple tricks, you can heat your home without breaking the bank.

Start by using your ceiling fan. Contrary to popular belief, setting your ceiling fan on a low setting and running it clockwise, or in reverse, can help to bring warm air about your ceiling level back down to ground level. Doing this in addition to, or in lieu of, running your heater can save you money, while providing some welcomed warmth.

Making use of carpets or area rugs is also advantageous. Not only do these trap in nearly 10 percent of your home’s heat that is typically lost through your wooden floors, but they also offer a cozy atmosphere. Thick carpets and area rugs will provide more heat than thinner varieties and create a more inviting aesthetic for your home.

12 'Warmer' Ideas to Keep You Cozy on Those Chilly Winter Evenings

Cuddle up to friends, family and even pets to take advantage of their body heat. This tip may not seem like an effective way to heat your home, but the added warmth of bodies amongst cold rooms can make a huge difference in the atmosphere.

12 'Warmer' Ideas to Keep You Cozy on Those Chilly Winter Evenings

Furthermore, if your home has any rooms or windows with cracks or holes, the hot air escaping might be causing the coldness that you feel. To prevent this, be sure to caulk or fill in these spaces and add weatherstripping to your doors.

In case you need extra help in heating your home, don’t look past simple aluminum foil or draft stoppers. Adding sheets of aluminum foil behind space heaters, heating vents and radiators will help to reflect the heat back into the house. Additionally, a door snake or draft stopper will help to maintain the heat inside and keep cold air out.

12 'Warmer' Ideas to Keep You Cozy on Those Chilly Winter Evenings

Candles can be added for additional warmth, as even the tiniest tealight candles will give off some heat when spread throughout a room. However, make sure to blow out any candles before going to bed or leaving the house.

Don’t forget about the sun either. Allow natural warmth from the sun to seep in by opening your curtains during the day and make use of insulated curtains for the night to keep the heat in. Cooking some comfort food will also help to warm the house while you eat.

By taking advantage of these 12 in-a-pinch tricks, you can make sure your home isn’t too cold this winter. Try them out today to keep you and your loved ones warm and toasty.

  • September 13, 2021