10 Breathtaking Low Water Plants for Stunning Home Decor


Most gardens and plants require a certain amount of water to thrive and grow, however that doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful plants in your garden if low rainfall is an issue in your area. Low water plants are some of the toughest, hardiest, and most beautiful plants out there. Here is a list of ten gorgeous drought-resistant flowers that can bring color and texture to your garden no matter the climate.

1. Echinacea or “Coneflower”: This stunning perennial is a favorite of gardeners and pollinators alike. Its bright-colored petals turn downward, giving the impression that the flower is reaching out its head to fly. What’s even better is that it doesn’t require a lot of water and its buds and leaves can be harvested for a medicinal tea.

2. Common Yarrow: This hardy native perennial is great for growing in a variety of climates, including areas with high heat, poor soil, and low rainfall. Its fern-like stems sprout out in the late spring, followed by deep reds, pinks, yellows, or a striking white bloom in the summer. This plant is also perfect for attracting pollinators.

3. Sempervivum or “Hens & Chicks”: These ever-popular plants are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor gardens, and will give any garden a unique texture. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, a well-planted Sempervivum can change color with the weather.

10 Breathtaking Low Water Plants for Stunning Home Decor

4. Sedum: Also known as Stonecrop, the low maintenance Sedum family is a great option for a rock garden or xeric landscape. The plant reaches a tall bush with rosy-pink petals at the top, and can withstand the tough conditions of a dry arid climate.

5. Blue Fescue: If you’re looking for a drought-resistant grass, then Blue Fescue is a great option. Thin, blue strands are soft, yet firm and will form a compact, round clump with full sunshine.

10 Breathtaking Low Water Plants for Stunning Home Decor

6. Russian Sage: This tall, purple flower looks as though it belongs in a meadow far away, however it thrives in hot and dry climates. It will attract pollinators thanks to its long-lasting blooms and can be enjoyed for its gentle scent when rustled through.

7. Dianthus or “Pinks”: This compact, hardy flowering plant looks as if it has jumped out of a fairytale. With its serrated petals and range of pastel colors, it is an ideal choice for a rock garden or border, needing only enough water to keep is soil moist.

8. Thyme: As a slow-spreading groundcover, Thyme is great for filling up spaces along pathways or rock gardens. It’s adaptable to dry, well-drained soils, and will rarely need additional water. Certain varieties of Thyme may also emit a pleasant scent, or be used in cooking.

10 Breathtaking Low Water Plants for Stunning Home Decor

9. Lavender: This meadow plant will add some much-needed height to your garden and helps to attract pollinators with its small, fragrant blooms. As long as it is positioned in full sunshine and has good airflow, it won’t need any extra watering.

10. Ornamental Grasses: Grasses are perfect to add much-needed texture and color, and there are various drought-resistant varieties to choose from. Some of the most popular for a xeriscape garden include Muhlenbergia, Bouteloua, and both blue and purple Fescue Secals.

No matter what type of climate you have, you can create a stunning outdoor space using these gorgeous and low water plants. In order to ensure success, make sure you choose the right plants for your climate, provide enough sunlight, and take care of any weeds that may come up around your plants. And when you’re ready to get growing, make sure you check out the drought-resistant flower seed selection on Amazon!

  • January 10, 2023