10 Benefits of Installing a Carport for Your Home’s Parking Needs


A carport is a practical and economical way to protect your vehicle from the elements, whether it is rain, sleet, snow, summer rays, or even random attacks from vandals. A carport is an easy and inexpensive shelter solution that can provide many additional benefits, from energy savings to providing extra space. Here are the top 10 advantages of using a carport.

1. Protection from the elements: Your car will stay dry, safe and out of a harsh environment, all while sheltered and far away from the elements.

2. Safety and security: Parking your car under a carport near your home provides a layer of protection and is much safer than parking on the street, especially if you live alone.

3. Outdoor space: With walls on your carport, you can use it as extra outdoor space such as a porch, play area, and even shaded area for adults to hang out.

10 Benefits of Installing a Carport for Your Home's Parking Needs

4. Storage: If you don’t have room in your garage, you can use your carport to store other means of transportation such as boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

5. Energy and electricity savings: Since carports are usually open, they don’t need a door, so there is no need to turn on lights or the air conditioner when entering or exiting your home. This makes a carport an economical choice.

10 Benefits of Installing a Carport for Your Home's Parking Needs

6. Convenience: In addition to being a safer place to pull up to when you return with groceries, carports are also handier when entering or exiting your home, as you don’t need to open a door.

7. Property Value: If your home doesn’t have a garage, having a carport can still be an advantage when selling. Prospective buyers can see they would have a place to park their cars, motorcycles, or boats on the grounds, and won’t have to park on the street.

8. Rent Savings: Having a carport can also save you from having to rent a storage unit, since it offers protection and shelter.

10 Benefits of Installing a Carport for Your Home's Parking Needs

9. Expansion Possibilities: You can easily extend your carports, build studio apartments above them or add additional space if needed.

10. Regulations: Finally, be sure to check before you construct or install a carport to know any zoning ordinances or restrictions from your community. Some cities or homeowners associations require permits and proof of plans.

Altogether, carports offer a practical and economical way to protect your vehicle, as well as provide additional benefits, from protection from the elements to energy savings. Modern carports can also be customized with walls, windows, an extra storage area, and even additional areas to be used in the outdoor space. Just don’t forget to check with your local government to ensure that you’re following zoning regulations.

  • May 11, 2020